How to Update Your Drug Rehab listing

How to Update Your Listing

You must first claim your listing. Visit

One you have been approved your user name will be set so that you can edit your rehab listing.

Step One: Once you have logged into your account, you can make changes to your facility by clicking “W” for WordPress in the upper left corner of the account page.

Step Two: Once you are at the dashboard, select Drug Rehabs in the left side.

Step Three: Once you have clicked on the Drug Rehabs section, you will be directed to “Mine.”

Step Four: click on your listing to begin editing.

Step Five: to edit your listing, please pick the categories that you would like to be listed in. The more categories you are in, the more visibility you will receive.

Step Six: Please match your categories as best you can with the different settings available to you. These settings will show up with the add filter button when users filter for results.

If you are having issues please contact us at