Anthem Health Insurance Accepted at Drug Rehab Centers in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Anthem Health Insurance

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Anthem Health Insurance in Atlanta

Anthem is a division of Blue Cross Blue Shield offering a robust array of healthcare insurance services, including private, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. They offer particularly helpful coverage for substance abuse and mental health services in all stages of treatment and recovery. Like their parent company, Anthem offers multiple tiers of plans (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) that will dictate your scope of care and coverage. If you or someone you care about are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and are covered by either their own policy or yours, you can get them or you quality help without going entirely out of pocket.

What Types of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Services Does Anthem Cover?

No matter where you are in your substance abuse treatment and recovery journey, Anthem offers coverage for treatment, including but not limited to:

Anthem programs may also cover medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorder using FDA-approved drugs, such as Vivitrol®, Suboxone®, and methadone.

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The first step to seeing what alcohol and drug rehab services your anthem plan covers is by calling us for a full insurance verification. It can be very overwhelming to find a program when you’re battling addiction, and we’re here 24-7 to make the process as easy as possible. Our representatives will search our database of treatment centers to help you find the program that best fits your care needs, lifestyle, and insurance resources. You’re not in this alone, and we’re ready to help you. Call us today so we can help you embark on your treatment, your recovery, and your future. You can do this, and we’re going to help.

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