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A comprehensive and accurate directory of cocaine drug rehabilitation centers in Florida, United States

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Legacy Healing Centers


Recreate Behavioral Health Network

Miracles Recovery Center

Bright Futures Treatment Center


Palm Beach Recovery Center


All In Solutions Wellness Center


Pines Recovery Life


Future Now Detox


Valiant Recovery Centers


South Beach Detox


Banyan Boca

Family Center for Recovery

Central Florida Treatment Center Medication Assisted Treatment

Believe Drug and Alcohol Treatment Ctr

Harmony Treatment and Wellness

LifeStream Behavioral Center Crossroads II

UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital

Bayshore Retreat LLC

1 Solution Detox


Level Up Lake Worth

Amethyst Recovery Center

Fellowship House

Banyan Health Systems Detoxification Center

Transitions Recovery Program

Golden Glades Treatment Center

Heres Help Inc North Campus Residential/Outpatient

Parent Support LLC CARES Treatment

AMIKids Greater Fort Lauderdale

Pompano Treatment Center Metro Treatment of Florida LP

Broward County Sheriffs Office Drug Court Treatment Division

Drug Rehab Centers That Have Cocaine Detox

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 04/30/2024

Drug Rehab Centers That Have Cocaine Detox in Florida

Cocaine is still one of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States and can very quickly render users addicted. Those who say they’ve been nursing a years-long cocaine habit usually really mean that they’ve tried to stop, but they can’t because of withdrawal. Cocaine and other stimulants profoundly affect the central nervous system. After only a very short period of use, abrupt cessation can lead to a variety of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, including but not limited to fatigue, lack of pleasure, anxiety, irritability, sleepiness, and sometimes agitation or extreme suspicion or paranoia. These symptoms are best managed with the help of an experienced and qualified team of medical professionals. Cocaine detox is the first step in the recovery process.

What Happens in Cocaine Detox?

Cocaine detox allows users to safely and comfortably expel the toxins that have built up in their bodies through extended cocaine abuse. The process should be administered by trained doctors and nurses in an inpatient facility where you or your loved one can safely withdrawal in a clean, comfortable and supportive environment. Detoxing from cocaine at home can lead to serious long-term medical issues, depending upon the scope and severity of your abuse history. After detox, you or your loved one should seek comprehensive behavioral rehab. You may benefit from outpatient or inpatient/residential treatment, depending upon your care needs and lifestyle.

We’re Waiting to Help You Get Into Cocaine Detox

It can be hard to admit that you need help with cocaine addiction. You may think you’re functioning at a normal level, that you’re in control and that everything is OK, but your brain and your body are telling you otherwise. Use our directory to help you find cocaine detox near you. 

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