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DWI (Drunk Driving) Services in Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 04/30/2024

DWI (Drunk Driving) Services in Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most common illegal and dangerous behaviors associated with alcohol and drug addiction. In addition to being a primary indicator of a substance use disorder, it’s also a behavior that can destroy your life and all who are impacted. If you’ve been arrested for DWI, it’s entirely possible that you’ll face hefty fines and jail time in addition to losing your driver’s license. There are, however, options for those facing DWI charges who agree to enter rehab in exchange for having their sentences reduced or set aside. Rehabs that offer DWI services can provide comprehensive and supportive drug court navigation services to ensure you remain in compliance with your program while you’re getting the help you need for drug or alcohol addiction.

What DWI Services Can Rehab Provide?

While the process is different for each facility, some of the more common DWI services rehabs can provide include:

  • Being present for court proceedings to verify your program compliance
  • Assisting with completing all legal paperwork
  • Regular reporting and check-ins with drug court personnel, and more

These programs can be a lifeline for those who are facing lengthy jail time and enormous legal fees. These services are either handled by a specially appointed liaison, your case manager, your clinical team, or a combination of all relevant personnel. All representatives will be able to attest to your completion or ongoing program compliance.

Should I Choose DWI Services?

While each person’s legal situation is different, DWI services can be a prime alternative to having to battle your state’s legal system on your own. In many cases, rehab may be court-ordered as a condition of your DWI sentencing agreement, so compliance may be mandatory. You should work with your attorney or legal representative to figure out if DWI services are right for you.