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Employment Counseling & Training Drug Rehab Centers

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 04/30/2024

If you or your loved one struggles with substance use disorder, your career and professional life are often among the first areas impacted by your substance use.

Data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicates that drug users in treatment or in the early stages of recovery face many barriers to employment when entering the job market. employment rates in these groups are generally low and range from 15 to 35 percent. These barriers not only impact mental health and jeopardize long-term recovery, but they also make it incredibly difficult for patients just exiting treatment to get the stability and solid ground they need. Oftentimes, employment may even be a condition of their probation for addiction-related legal issues.

Whether your drug and alcohol addiction has prevented you from getting or keeping a job or has caused you to lose some of the primary accountability mechanisms and social skills that are required for professional interaction, rehab can both directly and indirectly help you promote workplace readiness and possibly improve career prospects, depending on the services they offer.

Common Barriers to Employment for Recovering Drug Users

Some of the most common barriers to gainful employment for those recently recovering from substance use disorder include, but are not limited to:

  • Stigma and Judgment from Hiring Managers
  • Illegal Activities that Show Up During Background Checks
  • Loss of Specific Professional Licensure due to Addiction
  • Fragmented or Sketchy Employment History
  • Physical or Neurological Conditions
  • Lack of Reliable Transportation
  • Lack of Professional Skills or Training

One of the most pervasive barriers to employment for those in recovery is a lack of formal education. It’s an unfortunate reality that many who fall into substance use disorder bypass college, and many don’t graduate high school.

How Do Rehabs Offer Career Training and Counseling

Rehabs that offer employment counseling or training can help navigate some of the primary barriers to employment and improve job prospects through such resources as:

  • Skills Training in a Particular Field (When Available)
  • Help with GED Completion of College Application Preparation
  • Partnership with Local Businesses for Job Placement of Outgoing Patients
  • Interview Skills and Training

It’s important to realize that not every rehab facility offers these types of resources. When considering rehab for yourself or your loved one, talk to your admissions representative to find out what kind of job training or career counseling services they can offer. While it’s generally private rehabs that can offer these programs and opportunities; however, some public or state programs may offer them as well.

Intrinsic Career Benefits of Drug Rehab

While not every rehab center will offer specific job counseling or employment services, the behavioral tools, coping mechanisms, and mental health benefits of treatment will carry over into your professional life. They will help you or your loved one cultivate accountability, conflict resolution skills, patience, self-awareness, pride, and many other virtues critical to a successful professional life. Your professional life is just one pillar of a larger overall recovery plan. This begins with quality treatment from a reputable alcohol and drug rehab center.

Career Resources for People in Recovery