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Executive-level professionals face a unique and distinct set of pressures that make them more vulnerable to addiction. There is actually data to suggest that the brain of high-powered people may be more prone to substance use disorder. Long hours, lack of sleep, and a culture of social drinking are just a few of the factors that lead to addiction among executives. These individuals also have easier access to drugs and alcohol and more ways of hiding their behavior.

If you’re an executive or high-powered professional facing escalating substance use disorder, it’s important to realize that, sooner or later, your career and everything else in life will be impacted by drugs or alcohol. The good news is that there are specialized alcohol drug rehab centers for executives, some of which may even be in your area.

What Are the Advantages of Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab

As important as it is for executives to get help for their alcohol and drug addiction when it arises, the reality of their life is that they often can’t afford to unplug themselves from their jobs completely. They have too many people depending on them. It can also create counterproductive stress for them to be constantly worrying about their company while they’re trying to get help.

Rehab centers for executives usually let clients use their laptops and devices to stay involved, at least in some part of their jobs during treatment. They also offer comprehensive and intuitive psychotherapy that addresses the unique mental health issues that high-powered professionals face. This specialized therapy makes all the difference and allows clients to develop the coping mechanisms they need to avoid relapse.

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Florida Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Florida has an infamous and unfortunate legacy when it comes to substance use and addiction. At one time, it was ground zero for “pill mills” (pain management clinics that wrote opioid prescriptions for profit) and is still battling substance use on a variety of fronts. Cocaine continues to be a problem in Miami while prescription painkiller abuse still dominates many areas of the state, from Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale to Fort Walton Beach. Florida ranks second in the nation for the highest rates of overdose deaths, 7,500 overdose deaths in Florida in 2020 compared to just over 5,500 the year before. If you or your loved one are among the thousands in Florida that need help for addiction, there are many resources available to you.

Substance Abuse Treatment Resources in Florida

In response to the explosion of prescription and illicit drug abuse in the state, Florida has given birth to hundreds of treatment facilities, but not all treatment centers will offer the same services or levels of care. Some will offer inpatient treatment and onsite medical detoxification (detox); others will simply offer outpatient counseling and rehab and offsite coordination with detox. The state also offers many treatment facilities that offer Medicare and Medicaid for patients of advanced age or limited financial means. Florida has also become a preferred recovery destination because of the forgiving climate all year round.

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It can be hard to understand what kind of rehab you need when you’re starting your search for treatment, which is why our representatives are standing by 24-7 to help you find the right kind of care for your care needs, lifestyle and budgetary resources. You don’t have to struggle with substance use on your own anymore. Contact us today so we can help you begin recovery.

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