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Family counseling Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 04/30/2024

Family counseling Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Atlanta

Families are very often the first and most immediate areas of an addicted person’s life to suffer in the wake of their substance use. Addiction strains family relationships, often to the point of estrangement and alienation. Whether it’s through fears for safety after a violent outburst, dishonesty and manipulation over money, or simple emotional anguish over watching a loved one succumb to addiction and possible overdose, there are many ways in which addiction can destroy families. This is why it’s important that alcohol and drug rehabs offer family counseling. If you or your loved one have been battling addiction, it’s critical that the rehab center you choose integrates family into the treatment process.

Why Should I Involve My Family in Treatment?

In addition to wanting to restore harmony and amiability to the family unit, many who are going through addiction actually rely on their families as post-treatment support systems. In order to reintegrate themselves back into the family dynamic during and after treatment, it’s important that family members inside and outside of the household understand their role in the recovery process and be educated regarding the disease of addiction. Family involvement helps family members articulate their emotions in a safe, supportive, and judgment-free setting and help family members establish boundaries for accountability to prevent relapse and further acrimony.

How Can a Family Get Involved in Treatment?

Most alcohol and drug rehab centers will carve out a certain section of the treatment program to involve family through counseling sessions with patients and their therapists. These sessions occur alongside other elements of treatment. Patients will be able to designate certain members of their family who have the largest immediate stake and closest proximity to the recovery process to partake in therapy. They will then work together with therapists to discuss the causes and impact of the strained relationship, what addiction has done to their bond, and how they can move forward. Each alcohol and drug rehab center will have its own way of integrating family into the care process.