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Gambling Addiction and Substance Misuse

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 04/30/2024

Gambling Addiction and Substance Misuse in Florida

Gambling addiction affects 1% of Americans, with 75% also having alcohol use disorder and 40% drug use issues. The connection between these conditions is complex, intertwined, and varies per individual. Identifying triggers and signs is crucial for overcoming both.

Co-Occurring Gambling And SUD: Origins

Gambling addiction and substance abuse often coexist. It’s a ‘chicken-or-egg’ situation; gambling can lead to depression and substance abuse, while substance abuse can fuel gambling. The signs include erratic spending, impulse gambling, and job, relationship, and financial problems.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

Common signs include preoccupation with gambling, escalating bets, financial instability, and using gambling as stress relief. Be aware of these indicators to identify a problem.

Shared Symptoms of SUD and Gambling Addiction

Both addictions share high-risk behavior, deception, irritability, and legal/financial issues. Seek treatment if you or a loved one displays these symptoms.

Treatment for Both Addictions

Holistic recovery requires simultaneous treatment for both addictions. Treatment centers offer outpatient, inpatient, and virtual options, often integrating both in one program. Substance use disorder may need detox and rehab, while gambling addiction requires behavioral health approaches.

Therapies for Both

Effective therapies include:

No FDA-approved medication exists for gambling disorder; therapy and relapse prevention are essential.

The Serious Impact of Gambling Addiction

Though lacking physical withdrawal symptoms, gambling addiction can result in depression, poverty, anxiety, family issues, financial ruin, and homelessness. Seek help for both gambling and substance abuse to address their underlying causes.

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