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Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Vaccination in Drug Rehab Centers

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Vaccination in Drug Rehab Centers


Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Hepatitis B (hep b) and illicit drug use are commonly linked. People who engage in intravenous (injection) drug use are at significantly higher risk for contracting acute Hep B and other deadly viruses.

There are two types of Hep B: chronic and acute. Chronic can be treated and managed with medications and other treatments, but there is no cure for the acute type which is why it’s critical that treatment for addiction include health measures such as Hep B vaccination.

Many drug rehab centers will offer Hep B vaccine and other medical treatment as part of their care services along with comprehensive detox and withdrawal management, but not all facilities have the resources to offer this level of care.

Importance of Hep B Vaccine with Drug Addiction

Physical health and safety are generally the first casualties of drug dependency. People who are impacted by substance use disorder often, at a minimum, neglect their health and welfare and, at worst, engage in increasingly high-risk behavior in pursuit of satisfying their cravings.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all adults with higher risk factors for Hep B get the vaccine. Unfortunately, most who are in throes of drug use don’t get it on their own. Treatment centers should encourage and facilitate vaccination to reduce the risk of exposure.

To ensure vaccination of persons at risk for HBV infection, the CDC also recommends that health care providers:

  • Offer HepB vaccination to all adults aged 19–59 years who have not previously completed vaccination, as well as adults 60 years and older with risk factors for hepatitis B or without identified risk factors but seeking protection.
  • Implement standing orders to administer HepB vaccine as part of routine services to adults who have not completed the vaccine series.
    Offer HepB vaccination, when feasible, in outreach and other settings in which services are provided to persons at risk for HBV infection (e.g., syringe services programs, HIV testing sites, HIV prevention programs, homeless shelters).

Getting vaccinated also significantly reduces the risk of spreading Hep B to others, whether through sex or intravenous drug use.

How Can I Get Vaccinated for Hep B?

If you’ve not yet been vaccinated for Hep B, your treatment center can help facilitate the process in a few ways. If they have the resources, they can administer the vaccination as part of your medical intake. They can also help coordinate your vaccination as part of your comprehensive medical treatment process. If you or your loved ones are at risk of Hep B because of substance use disorder, and have not yet been vaccinated, you can get the medical and behavioral care you need in treatment. Take the first step now.