Persons with HIV or AIDS Drug Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania, United States

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A comprehensive and accurate directory of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers that have medical capabilities for those who have HIV (Aids) in Pennsylvania, United States

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Avenues Recovery Center of Bucks LLC

Care Center Inc

Outside in School of Experiential Education

A Better Today Inc

Malvern Institute

Just Believe Recovery Center

Key Recovery Outpatient Services

Mirmont Treatment Center

Pyramid Healthcare Inc Dallas

Bradford Recovery Center

Pyramid Healthcare Inc York Pharmacotherapy Services

Pennsylvania Counseling Services York

Pennsylvania Counseling Services

Colonial House Inc Residential Program

Mazzitti and Sullivan Csl Services Inc

James E VanZandt VA Medical Center

Community Guidance Center

Another Way Inc

Alpha House Inc

Good Works Life Recovery House

Pyramid Healthcare Inc

People Acting to Help Inc (PATH)

Healing Way

Community Service Foundation

Northeast Treatment Centers Frankford

GEO Erie Outpatient

Casa de Consejeria y Salud Integral House of Counseling

Project Transition

Behavioral Wellnes Center Forensic Intensive Recovery Residence

Casa de Consejeria y Salud Integral House of Counseling

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for HIV/AIDs Patients

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor


Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for HIV/AIDs Patients in Pennsylvania

Addiction and HIV/AIDS are closely linked. Whether it’s through the actual method of application, such as unsafe needle use, or high-risk behavior while under the influence, such as unprotected and promiscuous sex, alcohol, and drug abuse, renders people highly vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that sharing needles, syringes, or other types of drug injection equipment put people who inject drugs (PWID) at high risk for HIV and other infections. Sharing syringes is more common among younger people. To make matters even more urgent, the National Institutes of Health reports that over 162,500 people living with HIV/AIDS are unaware of their condition.

Benefits of Proper Drug Rehab for HIV/AIDs Patients

Drug and alcohol treatment facilities will not only help address the substance use associated with the diagnosis, but they will also be able to coordinate direct care for the HIV/AIDS. The tragic reality is that most active substance users living with HIV/AIDS don’t properly manage their condition, whether it’s because they’re too preoccupied with using, they lack the financial resources, or any other reason. Quality alcohol and drug treatment can help ensure that you or your loved one are getting your needed medications, attending regular physician visits getting blood tests at proper intervals, and more. They will also provide much-needed mental health treatment to deal with trauma.

Don’t Wait Another Second to Take Your Life Back

If you’re living with co-occurring addiction and HIV/AIDS, death is not inevitable. Use our directory below to find a treatment facility near you that can address your unique health and lifestyle needs. Our directory has treatment centers that accept Medicaid and Medicare to make the process more affordable and can find the exact rehab facility for you, regardless of what level of care you need. Take the first step toward recovery and healthy living.