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Hospital Detox For Drugs and Alcohol

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Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

    Updated: 07/08/2023

    Hospital Detox For Drugs and Alcohol in Boynton Beach

    Detox from alcohol or drugs is a legitimate medical procedure and should be treated as such. Hospitals provide a safe, discreet, comfortable, and supportive environment for those who are experiencing severe physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. They also provide addiction-trained physicians and nurses to help intervene in the event of a medical emergency. While detox is a cornerstone of the addiction treatment process, abrupt cessation of drugs or alcohol after prolonged periods of abuse can lead to serious health issues and actually be life-threatening. If you or your loved one are suffering from serious alcohol or drug use, use our directory to find a hospital detox near you.

    Do I Really Need Hospital Detox?

    Once you’ve reached the point of chemical dependency, detoxing on your own can be problematic. In addition to it being incredibly difficult to sustain your recovery when you don’t have any medical resources or care, it can also be dangerous to go through withdrawal by yourself. Hospital detox allows you to get the medical care and support you need when going through acute withdrawal while staying safe and comfortable. You also have the benefit of privacy when you’re going through this admittedly vulnerable and emotionally charged period. The process typically lasts around a week and often occurs after an overdose or a serious medical emergency.

    What Happens in a Hospital Detox?

    Hospital detox either occurs independently or as part of a comprehensive treatment program coordinated by an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility. While in detox, doctors and nurses will do everything they can to keep you safe and comfortable. The process may include certain medications to relieve symptoms, such as anti-nausea meds, anti-convulsants, and others, depending upon the nature of your substance use disorder. After hospital detox, you should receive behavioral therapy in rehab and keep doing the work of your recovery. Use our directory below to find a hospital detoxification center.

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