Income Based Drug Rehab Centers in Florida, United States

Income Based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

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    Income Based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

    If you or your loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you shouldn’t have to let cost or economics interfere with your care. While it’s true that the price of treatment varies, from program to program, and that certain types of treatment can be an investment, there are many income-based alcohol or drug rehab options that allow you to get the help you need and can afford. Whether you decide to go the public or private route toward alcohol or drug treatment, you have resources available to you to help you take back your health and your life.

    Types of Income-Based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Options

    There are multiple ways to pay for alcohol and drug rehab based on your existing income. These include, but are not limited to:

    1. Medicare or Medicaid Government programs funded through your state’s Medicare or Medicaid dollars can help you find affordable coverage for alcohol and drug rehab at little to no cost. These can include inpatient or outpatient treatment programs.
    2. Sliding Scale Models – Sliding scale drug rehab programs are the most common form of income-based options, as they allow you to pay what you can afford with a minimum necessary for different tiers of coverage.
    3. Private Insurance Private insurance rehab programs vary in their scope of coverage. While prices are fixed, depending on your insurance plan and the company that provides it, it will offer much lower out-of-pocket cost. Generally speaking, quality and scope of insurance coverage is usually commensurate with income.

    Find Income-Based Rehabs in Your Community

    If you’re worried about affording rehab, consider what alcohol or drug addiction has already cost you. Substance abuse costs the nation approximately $600 billion annually, and you and your family are absorbing a portion of these costs personally, whether it’s through legal fees, job loss, medical care and other factors. This is in addition to the thousands of dollars a week many spend in pursuit of their next fix.

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