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Most insurance plans will cover either all or a portion of the treatment.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Johns Hopkins Medicine Insurance

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 12/13/2023

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Johns Hopkins Medicine Insurance

Johns Hopkins Medicine offers multiple types of insurance plans, all of which cover some level of alcohol or drug rehab programs. Each hospital and member organization has its own accepted insurances. If you or someone you care about is covered by a Johns Hopkins Medicine Insurance plan and in need of alcohol or drug rehab, your insurance may help you pay for all or part of your treatment. Johns Hopkins Medicine Insurance plans include family plans, marketplace options, employer-based coverage, and more. Whether you’re looking for help for anxiety-related alcohol use disorder or you need long-term care for heroin or opioid abuse, JH Medicine plans may be able to help.

What Kind of Services Do Johns Hopkins Medicine Plans Cover?

While each person’s individual plan will vary according to their plan type and tier of coverage, some of the substance abuse and mental health services covered by Johns Hopkins Medicine include:

    • Psychotherapy and Behavioral Counseling

    • Occupational Therapies (DBT, CBT, etc.)

Your continuum of care may evolve as your treatment needs change and evolve. You may need longer-term care, which may also be covered.