Long-Term ( 30-60-90 days) Drug Rehab Centers in Caribou, Maine, United States

Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

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Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Caribou

Long-term alcohol and drug treatment programs are designed for those who need serious and comprehensive help with multiple aspects of their lives and have suffered in the wake of their substance misuse. This includes their physical and mental health, and the lifestyle impact of their addiction.

In addition to providing a baseline level of care through detox and rehab, long-term treatment programs may also assist patients with long-term chronic health conditions associated with their alcohol or drug use, or help them relearn life skills that have suffered because of their active substance misuse.

Long-term treatment offers multiple “step-down” levels of care as patients move through the program and engage in sober living resources and family education.

How Long Is Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

The exact length of long-term rehab will vary depending on a patients’ progress, ongoing care needs, lifestyle requirements, and other factors. The shortest duration of long-term drug rehab is approximately 30 days; however, this is also roughly on par with the average inpatient residential treatment program.

Longer-term treatment programs can last for 60-90 days, and some can even last up to a year. It’s common for long-term treatment to start with inpatient care for the first 30 days and then transition to sober living or general outpatient addiction treatment. It’s also possible for patients to spend up to three months in an inpatient facility.

What Happens in Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Long-term treatment takes time for a reason. Patients work with their care team to identify and address every aspect of their addiction to improve their health, rebuild their lives, and reduce the triggers that can lead to relapse. The early stages of recovery can be very difficult, and without a proper foundation of support, it’s very easy to relapse. Long-term treatment addresses the medical and behavioral aspects of Substance Use Disorder and helps you build coping mechanisms to avoid setbacks in high-pressure situations. Long-term treatment provides the stability, routine, and quality care you need to maintain your recovery.

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