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A comprehensive and accurate directory of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers that practice meditation therapy in Florida, United States

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Meditation Therapy Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 04/30/2024

Meditation Therapy Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Meditation is a common therapeutic tool in alcohol and drug rehab, and it has long been proven to help people stay centered and balanced in long-term sobriety. It helps you regulate your breathing, stay calm, increase your focus, and provides multiple other physiological benefits that can help positively contribute to long-term recovery. Many alcohol and drug rehab centers that offer meditation do so as part of their overall treatment program that combines comprehensive medical detox and behavioral rehab for a full recovery experience. Meditation is led and guided by trained and experienced practitioners who can help you or your loved one get the most out of the experience.

To learn more visit: Mindfulness meditation in the treatment of substance use disorders and preventing future relapse: neurocognitive mechanisms and clinical implications

Tips for Meditation Therapy in Drug Rehab

As beneficial as meditation therapy in drug rehab can be, it can be hard for people to embrace it. Often, newer participants are worried about “doing it right” or clearing their minds.

Here are some helpful tips for practicing meditation in treatment and long-term recovery:

  • Find a comfortable, quiet, and uninterrupted space Set a time limit (in treatment this will be guided by your practitioner coach)
  • Be mindful of your body (mindfulness is a core component of recovery)
  • Be aware of your breathing (your practitioner can help you regulate your breath)
  • Don’t try to force your mind in anyone direction Be conscious of what you see when you allow your mind to wander

Some people like to increase the sensory experience of meditation by lighting candles or playing music that is considered conventionally soothing. Others like to meditate outdoors in natural spaces with ambient noise guiding their practice. Whether you’re new to meditation or have been practicing it for years, it can be a viable part of the recovery experience by increasing physical and emotional mindfulness. Use our directory to help you find an alcohol or drug rehab center that offers meditation.