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A comprehensive and accurate directory of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers that accept Military families  in Mississippi, United States

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Region 8 Mental Health Services Madison County Office

Vertava Health of Mississippi

Imagine Behavioral Health LLC

Life Help Mental Health Ctr/Region 6 Rolling Fork Office/Issaquena County

Biloxi Treatment Center Metro Treatment of Mississippi LP

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources Region 12 Oak Arbor

Serenity Summit LLC

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources Marion County Office

Weems Community MH Center Leake County Office

Communicare Outpatient Treatment

Region I Mental Health Center Sunflower Landing

Region 4 Desoto

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for Military Families

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor


Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for Military Families in Mississippi

Not only do active military and veterans face unique vulnerabilities to substance use, but the loved ones and families that stand alongside them may also be at high risk as well. The stress and anxiety of constantly worrying about their loved one’s life and safety during active combat, issues of abandonment and lack of discipline, and watching their loved one struggle when they get back to civilian life are all common triggers that can lead to substance use disorder. Another factor that can lead to substance abuse within military families, particularly children of service members, is the strained relationship dynamic between often domineering or absentee parents.

What Kind of Help Do You Need?

Rehab for military families can help you untangle all of the issues related to your family dynamic that can drive substance use. This will most often be accomplished through a combination of group dynamics, individualized psychotherapy, and a variety of different modalities, such as family-of-origin therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Rehab for military families can be offered in multiple settings, including inpatient (residential) on base, outpatient, or even virtual. The most important thing is to find the right program that can address your unique care needs and lifestyle.

Let Us Help You Find A Rehab for Military Families Near You

No matter where you live or where your family is based, our representatives are here to help you find a rehab facility that will cater to your unique behavioral needs. We understand the distinct struggles that military families face and how they can lead to self-medication through alcohol or drug use. Whether you need in-depth residential care or can benefit from a more flexible outpatient option, we’re standing by to guide you toward the treatment you need and the future you deserve. Use our directory below to find a treatment center for military families. You don’t have to struggle on your own anymore.