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The Native-American and Indigenous populations in the United States have, for centuries, faced marginalization and trauma that can still be felt and seen today. These issues are often internalized and cemented in social and family structures and dealt with by self-medication using drugs and alcohol. Separate and apart from these macro issues are any number of personal everyday mental health factors that can lead to addiction.

Data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health: American Indians and Alaska Natives indicates that over 10 percent of this population over the age of 18 currently struggles with substance use disorder, with marijuana and psychotherapeutic drugs topping the list of substance use threats within these vulnerable communities.

What Does “Indigenous” or “Native-American” Rehab Look Like?

Rehab centers for Indigenous or Native-American individuals offer identity-affirming therapies that speak to clients’ inherent cultural struggles and address how they are linked to substance use disorder. These programs very often include a combination of group therapy, individualized counseling, and supplemental therapies to provide a well-rounded recovery experience. The daily and long-term struggles of Native-American and Indigenous people can affect family structures, professional stability, and all other areas of life; it’s important that they get help that addresses all these issues, so you or your loved one can build a life in recovery that’s more about living and less about “giving up” alcohol or other drugs.

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If you or someone you care about is a member of the Indigenous or Native-American community and needs help with substance use disorder, it’s easy to think that there’s no help out there…but it’s not true. Let our representatives help you find the rehab center that works for your care needs, lifestyle, budget, and insurance resources. We’re standing by 24-7 to help.

A governing body of a group of Native American Indians or Alaska Natives that qualifies as an Indian tribal government determined by the Internal Revenue Services.

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