Non Smoking ( Smoke Free ) Drug Rehab Centers

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That are Non Smoking

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Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 08/05/2023

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That are Non Smoking

When someone is going through alcohol or drug rehab, it’s natural for them to want to distance themselves from all addictive substances, including nicotine and tobacco. In addition to being harmful and unpleasant to smell or breathe in, cigarettes may trigger cravings and other addictive behaviors that can lead to a decline in health and quality of life. Non-smoking rehab centers are becoming increasingly common because patients who come to treatment want to breathe clean air and not be around any type of Substance Use Disorder, including smoking. Use our directory to help you find the best non-smoking rehab for you.

Dangers of Smoking in Rehab

Smoking in rehab poses a tremendous health risk and inconvenience to you and everyone else in your treatment program. Second-hand smoke can cause just as much disease as direct smoking, and many of your peers don’t want the smell of smoke in their clothes, in their hair or on their skin. Additionally, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that adults with mental health or Substance Use Disorders (i.e., behavioral health conditions) smoke cigarettes more than adults without these disorders. You may also want to find a rehab that doesn’t allow smoking even if you, yourself, are a smoker so you’re not tempted or enabled during your care.

Let Us Help You Find Non-Smoking Rehabs in Your Area

There are more and more non-smoking rehabs in the United States that are catering to patients’ health concerns, allergies, and respiratory conditions. This is even more true amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when people are increasingly concerned about their breathing health. Use our directory to help you find a non-smoking rehab center in your community, whether you need outpatient or inpatient care

Non Smoking Drug Rehab Centers

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