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A comprehensive and accurate directory of online telehealth alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in Hartford, Connecticut, United States

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Healthcare Resource Centers (fka CSAC) Ambulatory Detox

Hartford Dispensary Henderson/Johnson Clinic MMTP

Hartford Behavioral Health

Asian Family Services Outpt Clinic for Adults with Psych

Community Renewal Team HIV Testing and Prevention Services

Root Center For Advanced Recovery Hartford Dispensary/Doctors Clinic

Village for Families and Children STR E MAT

Village for Families and Children MAT Naltrexone

Connecticut Valley Hospital Blue Hills Substance Services

Catholic Charities Inc Hispanic Alcohol Program Hartford

Community Health Services Inc

InterCommunity Inc Coventry House Mothers/Children Prog

InterCommunity Inc Recovery House

InterCommunity Inc

Saint Francis Behavioral Health Group

InterCommunity Inc Intensive and Intermediate Programs

Wheeler Clinic Inc Hartford Outpatient

8W Dual Diagnosis

InterCommunity Inc Detox Center

Youth Challenge of Connecticut Inc Youth Challenge Mens Home

Online Telehealth Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

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Online Telehealth Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Hartford

There are more and more options for online Substance Use Disorder treatment to help you or your loved one stay safe and comfortable while you get the behavioral health treatment you need for Substance Use Disorder. Online addiction treatment generally consists of a combination of online group therapy discussions, telehealth (one-on-one) counseling, and online supplemental therapy programs. Patients may also see their doctors through video conferencing and may even be eligible for medication-assisted treatment.

Key Questions to Ask About Online Rehab

  • What Is Online Rehab?
  • How Does Online Rehab Work?
  • Is Online Rehab Better than In-Person?
  • Why Should I Choose Online Rehab?
  • Do Online Rehab Centers Accept Insurance?

What Is Online Rehab?

Online addiction rehab allows you or your loved one to get behavioral health treatment for alcohol or Substance Use Disorder from the safety, comfort and privacy of your own space. Telehealth options offer connections to experienced, compassionate, and reputable psychiatrists and therapists. Online rehab can often be part of an overall treatment program that integrates medical care for withdrawal symptoms and associated conditions, case management services, and other types of support.

Online alcohol or drug rehab can be a prime option for patients who, for whatever reason, are ineligible or less inclined to attend in-person treatment; it can be combined with different elements of treatment and even be offered as a “step-down” phase in a larger continuum of care. It’s increasingly common for patients to transition to online treatment after an in-person outpatient or even residential treatment program.

Why Choose Online Rehab?

Patients may choose online treatment if:

  • They have professional or familial obligations that prevent them from getting in-person care.
  • They have social anxiety or other types of anxiety disorders.
  • They are immunocompromised or suffer from mobility issues.
  • They don’t have reliable transportation or support resources to get them to and from their treatment program.

Individuals may also choose online rehab if they don’t need the targeted, in-depth care from a traditional in-person program. Very often, this care can mean the difference between the further escalation of early-stage substance use and a reversing of course. Online rehab represents a safe, non-judgmental environment for people to get help, be open about their struggles, and get insights that can aid in recovery.

How Does Online Rehab Work?

While each treatment center administers its online rehab programs differently, the general format begins with admission and form action of a care plan. Your admissions coordinator and intake representative will let you know the schedule, resources, program design, and other factors you should know prior to starting treatment. You will also work with a case manager who will monitor your progress, help guide next steps, and ensure your care continues seamlessly throughout your program.

Once you’re enrolled, you will be able to get treatment via secure web link from anywhere you happen to be: whether you’re home with your children, working late in your office, on a road trip, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Your program will vary based on staff specialization, your care needs, facility resources and other factors.

It’s important to realize that online treatment is just like in-person in the sense that your program should be designed specifically for your care needs. Fortunately, online treatment offers many of the same therapies that can be found in an in-person treatment, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and (others). The duration of your online treatment program will vary according to your ongoing care needs and progress.

Is Online Rehab as Good As In-Person Treatment?

Just like in-person treatment, online rehab has its advantages and drawbacks. On the one hand, you or your loved one may need or prefer a more hands-on approach and in-depth level of care, in which case in-person treatment may be your best option. On the other hand, you may need flexibility in your care plan so you can stay involved in your career and family–if you feel like you’re losing control in these areas of your life—an extended time away may negatively affect your mental health and trigger further substance misuse.

The point is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment; however, online treatment can be just as effective for alcohol or drug addiction as its in-person counterpart. It has helped thousands of people find their way to peace of mind in addiction recovery. You should let your care needs ultimately dictate your course of care and then figure out what kind of program is best for you–the most important thing is to get help. It’s also important to realize that your treatment provider can still coordinate medication-assisted treatment, medical care, and other core elements of treatment while you’re getting behavioral health treatment in a virtual setting.

Do Online Rehab Centers Accept Insurance?

Yes, most treatment centers that provide online services accept private insurance and Medicaid. You may also be able to pay for treatment through financing or a sliding-scale arrangement, in which you’re able to pay what you can afford. The best way to figure out what your insurance covers is to speak to an admissions coordinator at the facility you’re considering. Regardless of whether you choose in-person or online treatment, the important thing is to get the help that you need.