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A comprehensive and accurate directory of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers that have programs for sexual abuse victims in Pennsylvania, United States

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MPower Wellness


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Abstinent Living at the Turning Point

Care Center Inc

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Philadelphia VA Medical Center (PVAMC) Addiction Recovery Unit

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Pennsylvania Counseling Services

James E VanZandt VA Medical Center

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VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Center for Trt of Addictive Disorders

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Northeast Treatment Centers Frankford

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Kensington Hospital Methadone Maintenance Program/OP

Casa de Consejeria y Salud Integral House of Counseling

Project Transition

Behavioral Wellness Center RTFA

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs That Help With The Sexual Abused

Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor


Alcohol and Drug Rehabs That Help With Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania

Trauma is one of the leading causes of addiction, and sexual abuse is one of the most common causes of trauma. Whether it’s a one-time traumatic case of rape or assault or a prolonged chronic pattern of abuse from a trusted relative, sexual abuse causes a variety of long-term issues and can make it incredibly difficult to form healthy relationships and function properly in other areas of life. It’s long been a reality that sexual abuse increases the risk of addiction, a correlation that the National Institute on Drug Abuse has been reporting for decades. Treatment for addiction caused by trauma related to sexual addiction as well as the immediate dependency issues.

Why Does Sexual Abuse Increase the Risk of Addiction?

There are many reasons that people might develop Substance Use Disorder (SUD) after experiencing sexual abuse. One reason is they self-medicate to either forget or numb the pain of the experience. Another reason is that they may have trouble relating to romantic partners in a healthy and normal way, so they start using alcohol or other drugs as an “ice breaker” to quell their anxiety. One of the most common causes of substance use resulting from sexual trauma, is the lack of an effective support system or means to develop healthy coping skills in order to deal with their issues.

Benefits of Rehab for Sexual Abuse Survivors

Rehab allows you or your loved one to address the root causes of your substance use through group therapy, individualized counseling, and supplemental therapies, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and other types of trauma modalities. It can be hard to know where co-occurring trauma and addiction begin and end in relation to another. Rehab can help you unravel the complex association between these two issues so you can manage your trauma and live the life you deserve. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction related to sexual abuse, Use our directory to find a sexual trauma-informed rehab near you.