Short-term (7-14 days) Drug Rehab Centers in Mississippi, United States

Short-term (7-14 days) Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

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Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

    Updated: 04-06-2023

    Short-term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Mississippi

    Short-term drug rehab programs for alcohol or drug addiction can be the appropriate option for those who are on the verge of dependency and need to raise their awareness and knowledge levels in order to avoid the perils of addiction. Short-term dug rehabs often provide detox and withdrawal symptom management services—in addition to counseling and therapy—to help you or your loved one address the behavioral aspects of your dependency. Short-term addiction treatment helps you develop self-awareness and coping mechanisms to stay successful in recovery.

    While many people need a more targeted and in-depth level of care for their alcohol or drug dependency, short-term rehab can be a bridge to long-term recovery and more immersive therapeutic programming.

    Short-term Drug Rehab Therapies

    While the exact scope of care will vary, based on facility resources, short-term alcohol or drug rehab programs generally offer some combination of the following:

    These programs will also often provide coordination with a detox and withdrawal symptom management services to help you address the medical aspects of your substance misuse. Detox and treatment are critical in providing a full continuum of care. Short-term drug rehab can be offered in both an inpatient and outpatient setting, and many programs can be paid for using private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

    Short-term (7-14 days) Drug Rehab Centers in Mississippi, United States

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