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    Substance Use Disorder Drug Rehab Centers in Mississippi

    According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), substance use disorder (SUD) remains a significant public health issue in the United States, with 20.4 million people diagnosed with it in the past year alone. Unfortunately, only a small proportion of those with SUD, just 10.3 percent, received treatment for their condition. This lack of access to care is particularly concerning given the high number of drug overdose deaths in the country, which reached nearly 71,000 in 2019. These statistics highlight the urgent need for greater investment in evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery services to address the ongoing opioid epidemic and support individuals struggling with SUD.

    Taking The First Step for Recovery

    The first step to lasting recovery from alcohol and drug addiction or abuse is getting personalized substance use disorder treatment. Proper treatment for substance use disorder should address both the physical and medical ramifications of your addiction, as well as the lasting behavioral, psychological and lifestyle damage caused by prolonged and untreated substance abuse. The treatment process usually includes detox to handle cravings and withdrawal symptoms, as well as behavioral rehab to address the root causes and sustaining factors of addiction. There are multiple types of substance use disorder programs, including inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization and more. Browse our directory of treatment centers below to find the best choice for you or your loved one.

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    Substance Abuse Drug Rehabs in Mississippi

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    Region 8 Mental Health Services Madison County Office

    Essential Touchstones

    Pathway Healthcare

    Born Free New Beginnings Trt Program of Catholic Charities Inc

    University of Mississippi Medical Center

    Lifecore Health Group Monroe County Office

    Vertava Health of Mississippi

    Imagine Behavioral Health LLC

    A Bridge to Recovery

    Life Help Mental Health Ctr/Region 6 Rolling Fork Office/Issaquena County

    Fair Park Counseling PLLC

    Lifecore Health Group Chickasaw County Office

    Lifecore Region III MHC Pontotoc County

    DeSoto Wellness Clinic


    Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources Greene County

    Gulf Coast Mental Health Center Hancock County Office

    Gulf Coast Mental Health Center Crossroads Recovery Center

    Gulf Coast Mental Health Center Region 13

    Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

    Gulf Coast Veterans Healthcare System Biloxi

    Biloxi Treatment Center Metro Treatment of Mississippi LP

    Home of Grace Men Addiction Recovery Program

    Stevens Center of Singing River Servs Region 14

    Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources Perry County Office

    Gulf Coast Mental Health Center Pearl River County Office

    Gulf Coast Mental Health Center Stone County Office

    Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources

    Weems Community MH Center Clarke County Office

    Clearview Recovery Center of Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources

    Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources Region 12