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Andrew McKenna - Expert Content Editor

Updated: 05-09-2023

Veterans Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Veterans are at considerably higher risk for Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) than civilians, and even active duty military personnel. Veterans—both combat and non-combat—face a wide range of trauma-inducing, psychological injuries. Because of this, Veterans often find themselves feeling depressed and anxious. Without healthy outlets for these emotions, many people turn to alcohol and/or drugs to cope with painful feelings, insomnia, and day-to-day functioning. However, the reality is that self-medicating with drugs and alcohol is a house of cards that inevitably comes crashing down.

For more information visit: Substance use disorders in military veterans: prevalence and treatment challenges - PMC

Many Veterans also suffered from serious—and painful—physical injuries while serving their country, and frequently face unique issues related to pain management. Even those Veterans who did not suffer serious injuries, a majority of Veterans—60 percent—report feeling pain.

Military and non-military providers often prescribe powerful pain medications. Pain medication can be highly addictive, even when taken exactly as directed. When combined with alcohol, the addiction problem is compounded, leading to even greater depression.

For more information visit: Substance Use and Military Life DrugFacts | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

When addictive pain medication runs out, the withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable, causing a person to become desperate and to seek illegal “street drugs” as a substitute for the medication. This can be in the form of pills such as Percocet and Oxycontin (possibly laced), or heroin and fentanyl.

For more information visit: Prevent Opioid Abuse and Addiction |

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that rates of illicit drug use increase when active-duty personnel leave military service. While this research shows that marijuana tops the list for the most commonly abused substance besides alcohol, much stronger, more addictive drugs are widely used. And while cannabis is becoming socially acceptable in the United States and abroad, research shows that it is not effective to treat depression, anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related symptoms.

For more information visit: Cannabis Use and PTSD Among Veterans - PTSD: National Center for PTSD

Providing Specialized And Lived Experience Rehab To The Veteran Population

There is a direct link between trauma and Substance Use Disorder. More than 10 percent (a conservative number) of Military Veterans experience symptoms consistent with a trauma diagnosis according to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more information visit: Traumatic Stress and Substance Abuse Problems | SAMHSA

Proper treatment for dual-diagnosis, co-occurring conditions is available for Veterans to help them live a safe, happy, and productive life after leaving active duty. Quality rehabs for veterans provide compassionate, sensitive, trauma-informed therapy from experienced and qualified mental health professionals.

Depending upon the level of care required, you or your loved one may need inpatient, outpatient, or even long-term treatment. Specialized treatment programs address co-occurring trauma, depression, and anxiety through a combination of personalized therapeutic modalities.

For more information visit: Supporting the Behavioral Health Needs of Our Nation’s Veterans | SAMHSA

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You served and protected our country for years and you deserve the best care possible for any mental health and substance abuse issues you are now experiencing. You don’t have to feel like you have been forgotten or abandoned by the people whose lives you spent years guarding.

Use our directory to help guide you toward a Veteran rehab center that can provide expert addiction treatment.

Veterans Drug Rehab Centers

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