Wilderness / Adventure Drug Rehab Centers

Wilderness and Adventure Therapy Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

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    Wilderness and Adventure Therapy Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

    For certain types of people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, wilderness drug or alcohol rehab can be a game-changing resource and mean the difference between lasting recovery and relapse. Wilderness alcohol and drug rehab programs connect you with nature, teach you accountability, independence, and self-sufficiency, and can help you develop trust after you may have lost it. The reality is that addiction and substance use disorder often robs people of certain life skills and their ability to develop healthy relationships with others. Nature and wilderness-focused drug and alcohol rehab can help reverse this damage and make rehab more engaging.

    What Happens in Wilderness Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

    Wilderness alcohol and drug rehab combines traditional elements of treatment, such as group and individualized counseling, with a variety of nature-focused outdoor exercises, such as:

    • Hiking and Nature Walks
    • Backpacking
    • Canoeing
    • Rock Climbing
    • Ziplining
    • Whitewater Rafting
    • Camping
    • Survival Skills

    There are essentially four types of wilderness rehab, including high-adventure programs, expeditions, problem-solving exercises, and outdoor pursuits. These therapies are facilitated by experienced and qualified professionals who uphold patient safety and security above all else. While these programs can be fundamental building blocks of the treatment process, they should be offered as part of a comprehensive treatment approach that includes group therapy, individualized counseling, and other supplemental therapies to which patients respond positively.

    Benefits of Wilderness Alcohol and Drug Rehab

    Alcohol and drug abuse take an enormous physical and psychological toll that wilderness alcohol and drug rehab can help restore:

    Physical Benefits Include:

    • Improved Heart Health and Circulation
    • Activity That Can Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain
    • Weight Loss
    • And More

    Psychological Benefits Include:

    • Connection with Nature
    • Collaboration and Trust Building
    • Anxiety and Depression Relief
    • Confidence Building
    • Independence and Life Skills Development

    Wilderness alcohol and drug rehab may not be recommended for people with physical disabilities, PTSD, other co-occurring mental health disorders, or those who don’t enjoy being outside.

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    If you’re looking for wilderness alcohol and drug rehab for yourself or your loved one, use our directory below to help you find a treatment facility that offers wilderness alcohol and drug rehab. Whether you’re looking for help in your community or need to get away for treatment, our directory will comb our database of treatment options to help you find the right facility. 

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