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Yoga Drug Rehabs

It’s common for alcohol and drug rehab centers to offer as part of a holistic approach to treatment. Yoga has proven remarkably beneficial in several key physiological health areas that are directly impacted by addiction, including but not limited to strength, joint mobility, breathing, anxiety, and more. These benefits can be experienced while in treatment and as part of long-term everyday recovery. One of the best parts about yoga therapy in drug rehab is that it can be applied in long-term recovery once you or your loved one has completed your treatment program, regardless of your fitness or experience level.

Health Benefits of Yoga Therapy in Drug Rehab

Yoga has immediate and long-term physical and psychological health benefits that can directly impact recovery in a positive way, including:

  • Building Strength and Mobility - Yoga poses compel you to use otherwise dormant muscle systems that can lead to better blood flow, mobility, and flexibility.
  • Practicing Mindfulness - Yoga therapy helps you clear your mind and stay in the present so you can be mindful of your brain and body at the moment. This can help you increase your self-awareness, which can be a critical part of the treatment process.
  • Relieving Pain - Many yoga stretches can help alleviate the lower back pain for which so many often turn to prescription opioids. It can also help with hyperalgesia (acute sensitivity to pain often caused by addiction).

Yoga can also improve heart health, promote relaxation, increase energy, brighten mood, promote self-care, and connect you to a solid community.

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