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Georgia Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Georgia ranks high in the running for heaviest drinking state in the country. It also faces a variety of substance use issues, including heroin, meth, cocaine, and prescription addiction. Data from the Georgia Department of Public Health indicates that in 2020, nearly 70 percent of the state’s overall drug overdose deaths were related to opioids, representing over 1,300 deaths. Additionally, nearly 1,000 deaths involved stimulants, representing 51 percent of all overdose deaths. If you or someone you care about has gotten caught up in the Georgia alcohol or drug abuse crisis, there are many rehab centers in the state that can help you.

Finding Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Georgia

The search for alcohol or drug rehab in Georgia starts with understanding what level of care you or your loved one needs. If you’ve been to outpatient treatment before, and have relapsed, as people often do, you may want to try and find an inpatient or residential treatment program where you can get round-the-clock care and supportive housing. If you’re on the cusp of addiction and have just started to notice alcohol or drugs impacting your life, you may benefit from outpatient treatment. There are multiple treatment centers in Georgia that can offer the care you or your loved one needs. Many take Medicare and Medicaid if you’re having trouble affording treatment.

Let Us Help You Find Treatment in Your Georgia Community

From Columbus to Kennesaw to Atlanta to Athens, our representatives are ready to help you find the treatment you need to take back your life from addiction. We understand the search for treatment can be overwhelming even when you have your loved one helping you, and we’re ready to hear your story and match you with the best rehab options for you. Contact us today to start your recovery. You don’t have to go through this on your own.

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