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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Illinois

If you or your loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse in Illinois, you’re far from alone. Between prescription and illicit opioids, a decades-old cocaine epidemic, alcoholism, and other substance use threats, Illinois residents from Rockford to Manon need effective and compassionate addiction treatment resources. In 2020, opioid overdose deaths among Illinois residents increased 32.7% from 2,219 deaths in 2019 to 2,944 deaths in 2020. The report includes demographic data indicating a continuation of the previously reported racial disparities, with non-Hispanic Black or African American populations disproportionately affected by opioids.

Treating Illinois Residents for Substance Use Disorder

Although substance abuse is a leading public health issue in Illinois, there are ample resources to help residents of all resource and income levels get the help they need. The Illinois Department of Human Services offers a variety of treatment and management options, including but not limited to:

Residential and other specialized treatment services may not be available in every area of the state. In those cases, individuals can be referred to a geographically suitable program to the individual. All treatment programs must be licensed by IDHS/DASA unless operating under a hospital license.

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Your search for an alcohol or drug rehab center in Illinois ends here. We understand how difficult it can be to find treatment, and our representatives are here to help you find the right program for your care needs and resources. You don’t have to navigate the treatment process on your own. We’ll help you find a facility that takes Medicare or Medicaid, private insurane, employer-based insurance, or any other type of payment option.

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