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Vermont has a reputation for being a sleepy, wholesome, and otherwise idyllic state; however, like all states in the country, it’s battling its own brand of substance use disorder that’s threatening the health and quality of life of residents from Burlington to Stowe and everywhere else within the state’s borders. 

Data from the Vermont Department of Health Indicates that over 110 residents died from a drug overdose in 2019 and that Fentanyl continues to be the primary driver of opioid-related deaths in Vermont. Although there were fewer deaths involving fentanyl in 2019 (95) compared to 2018 (100), fentanyl accounts for 86% of deaths in 2019 compared to 77% in 2018. If you or someone you care about is battling addiction in Vermont, you probably already know about the state’s substance climate, but you may not know that there is help. 

What Kind of Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Are There in Vermont?

In response to its increasingly urgent climate of substance abuse and addiction, more and more alcohol and drug rehab centers are emerging to address the crisis. These facilities offer multiple levels of care, including but not limited to: 

Most of these programs are covered, at least partially, by private insurance, and some of them even take Medicare and Medicaid. Some Vermont alcohol and drug rehab centers will also offer sliding scale (pay what you can afford) or financing to make treatment as affordable as possible. 

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Whether you’re just starting to realize that drugs or alcohol are affecting your life, or you’ve been battling addiction for years, our representatives are ready to help you find a program that works perfectly for your care needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to start your treatment, recovery, and path to peace of mind and better health.

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