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Mississippi faces a variety of socioeconomic factors that render it more vulnerable than many other states to substance abuse. Overdose deaths in the state increased over 52 percent from 2020 to 2021, according to data from the Center for Mississippi Health Policy. At the same time, alcohol abuse continues to be among the highest in the nation as poverty in rural areas perpetuates meth use. If you’re battling addiction or substance use disorder in Mississippi, you’re not alone, and each person that dies from alcohol or other drugs in the state is someone’s friend, family member, or loved one. Get help now.

What Kind of Help Should I Seek?

The best way to determine what type of alcohol or drug rehab you or your loved one is to take a look at your life and think about what addiction has cost you. Are you struggling with medical or mental health issues related to addiction? Have you lost your job or the trust of your family/ Have you been to treatment before this? Have you been ordered to seek treatment by a court of law? All of these factors will help you determine what type of treatment is right for you. Mississippi offers a full array of alcohol and drug rehab options, including inpatient (residential), outpatient and intensive outpatient, partial-hospitalization, long-term and more. The state offers public and private rehab centers, depending upon your care needs and resources.

Get the Help You Need Now

You already know that life has become unmanageable when you’re battling alcohol or other drugs. The first step to reclaiming your health and quality of life is by getting into a treatment program. Our admissions representatives are standing by 24-7 to help you find the right Mississippi alcohol or drug rehab center. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. Call us today to start your treatment, your recovery, and your future.

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