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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for Anger Management

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for Anger Management in Bastrop

Anger and substance use disorder (SUD) are closely linked. On the one hand, anger issues can cause people to self medicate with alcohol and other drugs; on the other, the psychological and emotional changes you will experience as a result of prolonged and untreated substance use may cause you to engage in aggressive and even potentially violent behavior.

Part of addressing co-occurring anger and substance abuse is seeking an addiction care facility that offers anger management. These facilities offer a wide array of therapies to help you or your loved one cope with anger and understand its role in the onset and proliferation of your substance use.

How Can Anger Lead to Addiction?

Anger can lead to substance abuse and addiction in multiple ways. Continued struggles to process traumatic experiences and never learning how to cope with anger in a healthy way are usually the two chief causes of anger-related substance use.

While each person’s behavioral indicators will be different, anger-related substance use can often involve:

  • Drinking or using drugs to escape unpleasant situations or realities.
  • Being violent or aggressive while intoxicated.
  • Drinking or using drugs right after experiencing something that makes you angry.
  • Destroying property when intoxicated.

There are multiple tests and assessments to determine if you or your loved one have anger issues to help you know your risk.

Addressing Anger in Addiction Treatment

Co-occurring anger and addiction treatment must include care for the immediate physical and psychological impact of prolonged drinking and drug use while also addressing the anger-related causes and sustaining factors. Some of the primary therapies used in anger management drug rehabs include:

These therapies can be administered in inpatient, outpatient, or virtual environments, based on your care needs and lifestyle obligations. They should help you work with your therapist and care team to develop long-term coping mechanisms and avoid relapse.

Anger Management Resources

Along your treatment journey, you or your loved one will undoubtedly need to modify and refine your treatment and recovery process according to ongoing progress. Here are some resources that can be helpful:

You don’t have to let anger rule your thoughts and behavior. Get the help you need for co-occurring excessive anger and substance abuse today.

Anger Management Drug Rehab Centers in Bastrop

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